Introducing The Inflatable Man's new design from an idea to computer to actual inflatable.


The brain child of Matthew and designed by Lexi on our cad system in the office, the inflatable stage was ordered for  music festival promoters Lonesome Pine Events and was made for such festivals as Rustic Stomp, Dark Holler and the famous Wonky Donk. 

The second shown stage (Black with white interior) is the largest we have made so far.  It proudly stands at 2m high x 10m wide x 6m deep and is now available for hire in Eire by our valued clients Brodericks Sound and Light.


We at The Inflatable Man worked closely with our clients from the design and adding in extras such as a marquee style zipper door on the back and roll doors on each side for easy access on and off the stage at any site.


It is powered by either a 1.5hp or 2hp fan and has inflataion tubes in and outside of the canopy for easy inflation and can be used in any weather (except wind speeds over 25mph)

The stage is available for sale/ordering and the one shown is 9m x 5m x 6m and comes complete with a fan, marquee anchor pins and a years warranty and health and safety certificate.  We can make this in various sizes and colours on the outside canopy.  Please email or call the office for prices.

02381 783435