Pertexa Inflatable Play Accreditation (P.I.P.A)

What is 'Pipa'?

 RPII Inflatable Play Inspection Information

In conjunction with the organisations listed next, the Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII) provides the competence level within a scheme known as Pertexa Inflatable Play Accreditation (P.I.P.A), whereby inflatable play equipment is inspected and tested for compliance with the HSE guidelines as detailed in BSEN14960:2006


Since mid September 2004, every inflatable manufactured or imported into the UK should have a uniquely numbered tag. This tag means that it has been tested against stringent standards and has passed this initial test.


In addition inflatables are required to undergo an annual test, similar to an MOT. Untagged units will be tagged as and when they are presented for annual testing. This means that if you are hiring or buying an inflatable you should be able to look for and find the tag number actually on the unit.

If there is no tag then it has not been tested under the PIPA scheme


Tagging and testing for Bouncy Castles and other inflatable play

All inflatable play equipment that falls within the scope of the PIPA scheme should carry a PIPA tag and be listed in the database behind this scheme.

PIPA has the support of:

All the industry associations
The Health and Safety Executive

Local authorities


A PIPA tag means equipment is:


Designed to recognised standard based on safety

Tested by nationally qualified inspector

Approved for commercial use



Inflatable play is normally a very safe and good way for children to exercise whilst having fun.

The three elements that make for a safe inflatable play environment are:

  • Properly manufactured and maintained equipment.
  • Correct operation (pressure, siting, anchorage etc.) of the equipment.
  • Supervision


The PIPA scheme ensures that equipment is tested to a recognised standard both before first use and annually thereafter.