Bespoke and technical inflatables, cad designed, from stage canopies to gym landing platforms to pool inflatables to bouncy castles.




Our “Airpit” landing system is designed and produced entirely by us and features our “Three Zone” air cell system that both assists a safe crash landing and yet also allows for correct positioning and even for spotters to be present on the landing surface to assists gymnasts during training.


Uniquely our “Airpit has a flexible mounting system that allows all professional quality trampolines and DMTs to be safely tethered to it, this is a flexible system that allows the landing mat to flex and yet removes the risk of equipment moving and gymnasts falling into a gap, we also supply padding that helps protect users from hard trampoline frames while connected to the “Airpit”


Size matters, as does available space! At the Inflatable Man we know that one size does not fit all and that every club, school and institution has differing needs from their landing system and space available to it. We can manufacture your “Airpit” to your specifications and will work with you to ensure that your get the landing system that you want and not one that you should work around.


6m x 6m




4m x 3m 




5m x 3m




6m x 5m 





 Once you have chosen your preferred size, color and any branding for your team/club, we then manufacture in our fully equipped workshop using the highest spec materials that always meet to the highest BS and EN certification.

Our units are tested to the RPII standard, and are sent out with a manufacture warranty, and a PIPA or Health and Safely Certificate.

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